Year 2 Remote Learning

The Tree Keepers read by Mrs Watts

Mrs. Weech reads ‘Hippospotamus’ by Jeanne Willis

Find out all the funny ways Hippo tries to cure the mysterious red spot on her bottom! You may be surprised by the ending!

Mrs Weech reads ‘The Silent Owl’ by Clemency Pearce

Find out what type of sound this ‘quiet’ owl likes to make! Is he really as silent as we first think?

How a Monster is Born read by Mrs Watts

Mrs. Weech reads ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson

Does George end being the smartest giant in town by the end of the story... or something even better? Watch to find out!

Mrs Weech reads The Pet Shop by Allan Ahlberg and Andre Amstutz

Enjoy finding out how an annoying pet becomes a valued one! This story will be the focus on Tuesday 19th January’s Reader session within our home learning 🙂

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Supporting reading at home

How to use Oxford Owl to support reading at home

Summer reading challenge 2020

The library summer reading challenge is happening online this year. Watch this video to find out all about it.

My pile your pile - a reading game

Watch this simple game which children love and use it to practise those common exception words that children need to be able to read on sight.

Early reading session 1

Watch a reception child having a reading session and then watch the commentary to pick up some tips on how to support your child with early reading at home.

Early reading commentary 1

Watch the 1st early reading session then watch this as I talk through some strategies which will support your child's reading at home.

Early reading session 2

Watch the same child read the same book again and see how I am able to work on fluency and independence with her.

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Supporting phonics at home

How to support with phonics homework - Year 2

RWI sounds by sets

A short video showing the sounds taught in the Read Write Inc. (RWI) scheme of work by sets.

Phonics bootcamp!

Why not combine physical exercise with keyword and phonics reading?! Create your own workout schedule and get fit learning your phonics and reading!

Phonics reading challenge

This challenge focuses on finding words in magazines, books, leaflets, newspapers, food packaging etc. that contain specific sounds. Choose 2 or 3 digraphs or trigraphs (2 or 3 letters that come together to make a sound) and see if you can find words containing these. I focused on 'ay, ee and air' but you may like to use your sounds of the week from your home learning or pick a tricky sound that you want to practice. It is great for reading too as you can challenge yourself to read the words you find!

Phonics flip flap book

Why not have a go at making your own flip flap phonics book to practice segmenting and blending? It is very easy to make and is a great resource to support early reading.

Making sounds in different ways

For something to stay in our memory long term, we need to make it more exciting. To physically play with a sound and include colour allows children to remember it both visually and physically. By making various sounds out of different materials and objects (pens, paint, chalk, flour, cereal, straws, stones, sticks, Lego, newspapers, magazines, Play- Doh), they are not only practicing physically forming and making each sound, but the repeated exposure commits the sound to their long term memory.

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